Crypto Volume Surge and Decline: A Detailed Analysis

Trading volume is a critical indicator of the liquidity and activity around a cryptocurrency. A spike in volume often precedes price action, while a decline might indicate reduced interest or trading activity. Let’s dive into yesterday’s top volume gainers and losers. Top 10 Volume Gainers Symbol Latest Price PCT Volume Change ATM $2.65 596.96% ICX […]

Crypto Volume Analysis: Riding the Tides of July 13th!

Cryptocurrency markets have experienced another day of vigorous trading activity, with certain coins experiencing exceptional volume. Tether (USDT) takes the lead, with a trading volume of a staggering $39,009,776,463, followed by Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) with $22,375,068,664 and $10,626,363,414 respectively. Position Symbol Name Volume 1 USDT Tether 39,009,776,463 2 BTC Bitcoin 22,375,068,664 3 ETH […]

Cryptocurrency Market Volume Analysis — 24 Hour Report

In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency, keeping a watchful eye on market trends is crucial. The volume data analysis, specifically, allows us to gauge the activity level for different cryptocurrencies. Here, we’ll dive into the volume data of the top 50 cryptocurrencies over the last 24 hours and discuss its implications on the broader market. […]

Cryptocurrency Market Activity: Analyzing 24-Hour Volume Shifts

The cryptocurrency market is a hive of constant activity characterized by extreme volatility and massive round-the-clock transactions. Let’s delve into the most recent trading volume data and compare it to the previous day’s statistics to identify significant trends and patterns. Top 10 Cryptocurrencies By Trading Volume Position Symbol Name Volume 50 CFX Conflux 74,347,717 1 […]