Crypto Trading Daily Report – 4 SEP 2023: Picking Up Steam!

Hello crypto traders,

After a few quiet days, our Crypto Trading Bot is back in action! Today, we confidently bagged a profit of 9.12% from five trades, thanks to our PulseCheck feature set at Risk Level 80. It might sound risky, but the bot’s strategic decision to take on higher risk significantly boosted our gains. Just to put it into perspective: without the PulseCheck’s invaluable insights from 17 distinct indicators, the day would have ended in a loss of -20.8%.

Overall Bot Performance:

  • Profit: 9.12%
  • Trades: 5
  • PulseCheck Risk Level: 80
  • Optimized Profit by PulseCheck: +29.92%

Top Trades:


Direction: Long
Timeframe: 1D
Duration: 25:51
Profit Percentage: 9.86%


Direction: Short
Timeframe: 1H
Duration: 32:49
Profit Percentage: 0.87%


Direction: Short
Timeframe: 1H
Duration: 32:42
Profit Percentage: 0.77%


As we step into the week, the trading landscape looks promising. With our Crypto Trading Bot’s prowess and PulseCheck’s precision, we’re optimistic about harnessing more profitable opportunities. But as always, stay tuned, stay informed, and trade wisely!

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