Monthly Trading Snapshot – SEP 2023: Start of Golden Fall?

Hello crypto traders, As we wave goodbye to an exciting month of trading, it’s time to unveil the numbers that defined our journey. September saw our trading bot navigating the turbulent waters of the crypto market with grace, armed with the PulseCheck feature. This powerful tool continued its streak of validating trades across 17 different […]

Daily Trading Snapshot – 19 SEP 2023: Risk Equals Profit

Hello crypto traders, For those who dared to take a leap of faith, success was waiting. On a day where many would have opted for a conservative approach, our bot stood out. By daring to venture at the PulseCheck Risk Level 100, we secured a whopping 19.26% profit from just four trades. As we relish […]

Weekly Trading Snapshot – Week 37, 2023: Solid Profits Once Again

Hello crypto traders, In a market characterized by its unpredictable nature, our trading bot’s performance this past week stood out, proving its worth in gold. With a stellar 35.68% profit across the PC Risk levels of 70, 80, and 90, it’s evident that a meticulously calibrated risk appetite can yield significant dividends. However, the downside […]

Daily Trading Snapshot – 17 SEP 2023: We Are Back Trading

Hello crypto traders, After taking a three-day hiatus, our bot has made a comeback. Sometimes, the best decision in the trading world is to sit back and wait for the right opportunity. The market conditions over the past few days didn’t present the ideal environment for trading. However, today was different. The bot identified five […]

Daily Trading Snapshot – 14 SEP 2023: We Are Back Trading

Hello crypto traders, After the stellar performance on Sunday and a quieter pace during the week, our bot is back in action. Today might not have been its most glorious day, but it managed to stay in the green. Out of five trades, the bot secured two positive outcomes. We remain hopeful for more consistent […]

Daily Trading Snapshot – 12 SEP 2023: A Little Bit of Resting

Hello crypto traders, After the outstanding performance yesterday, today was a much-needed breather. It was an exceptionally quiet day in the world of automated crypto trading, with our bot not placing a single trade. Just like a seasoned athlete taking a day off after a major win, our bot too seemed to be in a […]

Daily Trading Snapshot – 11 SEP 2023: Closing Large Positions

Hello crypto traders, A big moving day for our bot, large trades on the daily timeframe came in. Mostly with large wins but also with some losses. Overall, the result is amazing with a 43.03% profit on 7 trades at PulseCheck Risk Level 50. It has to be mentioned that all closed trades were short […]

Weekly Trading Snapshot – Week 36, 2023: Another Stellar Week!

Hello crypto traders, While the past week may not have buzzed with the usual frenetic activity we’ve grown accustomed to, it was by no means a quiet one for our trading bot. The week was characterized by the calm and composed approach our bot adopted, leveraging the power of the PulseCheck feature. With the capability […]

Daily Trading Snapshot – 10 SEP 2023: Impressive Trading Day

Hello crypto traders, Today marked a successful and busy day for our trading bot. Profits were achieved across all PulseCheck levels, with Risk Level 70 being the standout with an impressive 24.69% profit from 6 trades. Unlike the last few days where we had a few trades forming the foundation of our profits, today was […]

Daily Trading Snapshot – 09 SEP 2023: Back on Track

Hello crypto traders, Today’s trading scenario brought back some positivity! With a well-calculated move to PulseCheck Risk Level 90, we secured a commendable profit of 5.1% from just two trades. This decision reaffirms the importance of strategically choosing our risk levels, ensuring that we maximize gains while safeguarding our assets. Overall Bot Performance Top Trades […]