Daily Trading Snapshot – 6 SEP 2023: On to the Next Day!

Hello crypto traders,

Today wasn’t the best day for our trading bot. We executed 4 trades, which resulted in a slight loss of -0,27%. But, as we know, not every signal always results in a win. We remain hopeful and look forward to better trading opportunities tomorrow.

Overall Bot Performance

  • Profit: -0,27%
  • Trades: 4
  • PulseCheck Risk Level: 100

Top Trades

MANA Trade

  • Direction: Long
  • Timeframe: 1H
  • Duration: 33:00
  • Profit Percentage: +1,66%

XEM Trade

  • Direction: Long
  • Timeframe: 1H
  • Duration: 60:02
  • Profit Percentage: +1,15%

IOST Trade

  • Direction: Short
  • Timeframe: 1H
  • Duration: 35:02
  • Profit Percentage: -1,42%


While today’s performance was not as we had hoped, it’s essential to remember that every trader faces such days. What’s crucial is the ability to bounce back and capitalize on better market conditions. We’re optimistic about the coming days and believe that our strategies, combined with the PulseCheck feature, will continue to serve us well.

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