Monthly Trading Snapshot – SEP 2023: Start of Golden Fall?

Hello crypto traders, As we wave goodbye to an exciting month of trading, it’s time to unveil the numbers that defined our journey. September saw our trading bot navigating the turbulent waters of the crypto market with grace, armed with the PulseCheck feature. This powerful tool continued its streak of validating trades across 17 different […]

Exciting Times Ahead: Explore Our Roadmap to More Crypto Tokens and Strategies!

As we bask in the glow of releasing Leviathan, a milestone that heralded significant advancements in our bot technology, our gaze is firmly set on the exciting journey ahead. We’re not just resting on our laurels but fuelled by our accomplishments to aim even higher and deliver more for our valued community. The launch of […]

Daily Trading Snapshot – 14 SEP 2023: We Are Back Trading

Hello crypto traders, After the stellar performance on Sunday and a quieter pace during the week, our bot is back in action. Today might not have been its most glorious day, but it managed to stay in the green. Out of five trades, the bot secured two positive outcomes. We remain hopeful for more consistent […]

Daily Trading Snapshot – 10 SEP 2023: Impressive Trading Day

Hello crypto traders, Today marked a successful and busy day for our trading bot. Profits were achieved across all PulseCheck levels, with Risk Level 70 being the standout with an impressive 24.69% profit from 6 trades. Unlike the last few days where we had a few trades forming the foundation of our profits, today was […]

Daily Trading Snapshot – 7 SEP 2023: PulseCheck Minimized Loses

Hello crypto traders, While today wasn’t the most fruitful for our trading bot, we’re reminded of the crucial role that our PulseCheck feature plays in shielding us from larger potential losses. By strategically placing only one trade at a PulseCheck Risk Level of 20, we minimized our losses to just 2.91%. Here’s hoping that tomorrow […]

Daily Trading Snapshot – 6 SEP 2023: On to the Next Day!

Hello crypto traders, Today wasn’t the best day for our trading bot. We executed 4 trades, which resulted in a slight loss of -0,27%. But, as we know, not every signal always results in a win. We remain hopeful and look forward to better trading opportunities tomorrow. Overall Bot Performance Top Trades MANA Trade XEM […]

Weekly Trading Snapshot – Week 34: Outstanding Profits Once Again!

Hello crypto traders, The past week in the crypto world was marked by indecision. While the market trended downwards, but there was no shortage of long signals. This could have been a recipe for disaster for many traders, but not for those using our bot. Thanks to the PulseCheck feature, our bot adeptly filtered out […]

Daily Trading Snapshot – 27 AUG 2023: Closing the Week on a High

Hello,crypto enthusiasts, Yesterday’s market presented challenges, but our Crypto Trading Bot was prepared. While the conservative PulseCheck Levels ensured stability and security, the Risk Level 100 showcased its prowess. With 20 trades executed, we locked in a stellar profit of 5.72%, capping off the week on a high note. Overall Bot Performance Top Trades IOTA […]

Trading Snapshot – 26 AUG 2023: When the Market Zigzags, We Navigate!

Hello, crypto enthusiasts! Welcome to your daily dose of our Crypto Trading Bot performance. August 26, 2023, painted a unique picture – a quiet day, mostly moving against the general market direction. But that’s where our PulseCheck feature came to the rescue. While most would’ve sat this one out, our bot, with the right risk […]

Trading Snapshot – 24 AUG 2023: Quiet but Successful Day

Hey crypto enthusiasts! In the fast-paced crypto world, quiet days are a rarity. However, the 24th of August 2023 proved to be one such day. While the overall market experienced subtle movements, our Crypto Trading Bot made precise moves. With only 11 potential trades on the horizon, our bot strategically entered 6 of them, leveraging […]