Weekly Trading Snapshot – Week 34: Outstanding Profits Once Again!

Hello crypto traders, The past week in the crypto world was marked by indecision. While the market trended downwards, but there was no shortage of long signals. This could have been a recipe for disaster for many traders, but not for those using our bot. Thanks to the PulseCheck feature, our bot adeptly filtered out […]

Daily Trading Snapshot – August 22, 2023: Cashing in on our Short Trades!

Hey crypto enthusiasts, Today was one for the books! We cashed in on some short trades on the 1D timeframe, placed a few days back. Riding on the wave of the market, our Crypto Trading Bot did not just participate – it dominated. Our PulseCheck feature, set at Level 30, was the star of the […]

Crypto Trading Bot Report – August 21, 2023: PulseCheck Saving The Day Again!

Hey crypto traders, Another day in the crypto realm, and while it might’ve seemed quiet with only five trades, our Crypto Trading Bot made sure every move counted. Today’s performance, clocking in at a solid +2.98% profit, might not sound like much at first. But let’s put things into perspective: without our PulseCheck feature, we […]

Crypto Trading Bot Report – August 19, 2023: All About Protecting the Gains!

Hello, crypto trailblazers! August 19 was a relatively quiet day in the crypto market. On such days, our Crypto Trading Bot did exactly the right thing: safeguarding and optimizing. Today was more about consolidation and ensuring we secure our recent gains. FIL, WAVES, and XTZ stayed consistent and reigned supreme. Here’s a breakdown: Overall Bot […]