Crypto Chart Pattern Alerts — 18th December 2023 (including RNDR, STORJ, NEO)

Welcome to today’s edition of Crypto Chart Pattern Alerts. This time, we looked at the hourly chart and found some promising patterns for tokens, such as STX, VET, or AGIX. Let’s dive right into it! For more chart patterns, trading signals, and crypto data, download our app in the Appstore or Playstore: Download Now POWR – […]

Is NEO the Underdog Set to Surge by 12.5%? Uncovering the Bearish Illusion!

Welcome to today’s blog post dedicated to NEO, a blockchain marvel often called ‘China’s Ethereum.’ While many hold a bearish outlook on NEO, we’re here to dissect why it could be the next big thing in the crypto world. So, let’s buckle up and navigate the intriguing landscape of NEO! The Statistical Overview: Numbers Don’t […]

Trading Snapshot – 24 AUG 2023: Quiet but Successful Day

Hey crypto enthusiasts! In the fast-paced crypto world, quiet days are a rarity. However, the 24th of August 2023 proved to be one such day. While the overall market experienced subtle movements, our Crypto Trading Bot made precise moves. With only 11 potential trades on the horizon, our bot strategically entered 6 of them, leveraging […]

Momentum Shifts in Play? Unraveling Insights on BNB, NEO, MATIC & Others

In the complex tapestry of the financial markets, cryptocurrencies have carved out a prominent niche. Within this volatile ecosystem, daily chart readings—often deemed the touchstone for serious investors—have brought forth a set of signals for five primary tokens that should not be overlooked. The lucidity of these signals might serve as harbingers for potential financial […]

Is NEO Poised for a Rebound? Discover the Key Indicators to Watch!

NEO: Current Status – A Sleeping Giant Stirs? The Chinese blockchain giant, NEO, is trading at a modest $7.83, down 1.07% in the past 24 hours. Some might be worried by the negative turn, but the savvy investor understands that fortunes can change rapidly in the volatile crypto market. After all, it’s not the first […]

NEO in Freefall: Plunges 18% But Bulls Lurk in the Shadows!

NEO — Current Status: Navigating Through Bearish Currents NEO, often called the ‘Chinese Ethereum,’ is currently navigating turbulent market currents. As of recent data, NEO trades at $7.59, a sobering drop of 18.4% in the last 24 hours. The token broke out bearishly from a Descending Triangle pattern and fell below the crucial $9.00 mark, […]

NEO Navigates Bearish Waters: A Potential 10% Slip

NEO — Overview The following information provides a high-level summary of the NEO analysis. NEO Status Currently priced at $10.15, the token finds itself amidst a crucial juncture in its trading journey. With a minor loss of over 2% in the past 24 hours, the cryptocurrency grapples with a significant support zone at the $10 […]

NEO’s Mixed Trends: An Opportunity or a Trap? A Comprehensive Analysis

Today, we turn our gaze towards NEO, a unique blockchain platform for smart contracts, often seen as the “Ethereum of China.” Trading at $10.4, NEO is currently about 30% down from its yearly peak in March. However, there are indications that it may be poised for a rebound. Let’s dive deeper into a detailed NEO […]

WAVES, ONT, NEO: 3 Tokens That Show Short-Term Potential

Friends of the crypto sphere, gather around! In these turbulent times of heavy bleeding in the crypto market, we’ve been busy crunching numbers and analyzing data. We’re back with some exciting news: three tokens – WAVES, Ontology (ONT), and NEO – are flashing promising signs of short-term potential! How We Analyzed The Tokens Before we […]