Is Solana Ready For A Turnaround? Here’s An In-Depth Analysis

Solana (SOL) commands our attention this September. Based on a noticeable price performance and trend indicators that are hard to ignore in the dynamic arena of cryptocurrencies is complex. Currently positioned at $19.96, with a 1.82% uptick in the last 24 hours. On top of that, SOL presents a mixture of opportunities and challenges for […]

Navigating HBAR’s Complex Landscape: A Comprehensive September Analysis

During the last few days, we published several analyses about crypto tokens. However, writing this HBAR analysis was definitely one of the tougher tasks. As you will learn, Hedera, also known as HBAR, presents itself as a token with intriguing dynamics this September. Besides a serious downtrend, HBAR shows some signs of hope in terms […]

TRON September Analysis: A Bullish Blossom in a Bear Market

September heralds fresh opportunities and shifts in the crypto market. In this special analysis, we spotlighted TRON (TRX), a cryptocurrency showing bullish signs amidst a generally bear market. Here, we break down the data and provide simple yet professional insights into TRX’s market position and potential moves in the coming month. Check out our latest […]

September Spotlight on Chainlink: Analysis and Trade Recommendations

September beckons, and as the crypto space continues to whirl with activities, traders and investors are keen to know the prospects of various tokens. This edition highlights Chainlink (LINK), providing a clear, uncomplicated, and professional analysis of its potential this month. Analysis: A Snapshot of Chainlink (LINK) Current Situation & Technical Indicators Chainlink, popularly known […]

Daily Trading Snapshot – 6 SEP 2023: On to the Next Day!

Hello crypto traders, Today wasn’t the best day for our trading bot. We executed 4 trades, which resulted in a slight loss of -0,27%. But, as we know, not every signal always results in a win. We remain hopeful and look forward to better trading opportunities tomorrow. Overall Bot Performance Top Trades MANA Trade XEM […]

Crypto Support & Resistance Levels, 7th September 2023

Welcome to the second edition of the Crypto Support & Resistance Levels analysis. Every day, we post a set of 100 tokens and their most essential support and resistance levels. The tokens contain the biggest players, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, and also medium and small-cap crypto tokens. Before diving into the details, we put […]

ENJ in September: Analysis and Trade Recommendation

As September unfolds, the cryptocurrency community is closely monitoring various tokens. This blog post focuses on a detailed Enjin Coin (ENJ) analysis and trade recommendation. The post offers a straightforward and professional analysis for both seasoned and novice investors and is based on technical indicators of the 1D chart. Check out our latest article about […]