How To Setup Your First Bot

Setting up your first automated trading bot is easier than easy.

Step 1 — Navigate to the bot configuration

Once you’ve logged in on our website, you can open the bot configuration through the menu or simply click here.

Step 2 — Make sure to set your API key

Before getting started you have to add your API keys. Simply enter the private and secret key and click save.

Step 3 — Define your bot

In a second step you need to define your bot. Therefore, you have to select the following values:

  • Token: The token you want to automate
  • Timeframe: Signals are calculated on specific charts (1D, 1H, 15M). Select your desired timeframe
  • Signal: Select the signal you want to automate
  • Long/Short: Select the bot to open long or short trades
  • Order Amount: The absolute amount of contracts that will be bought by the bot with every signal
  • Take Profit: Percentage when the trade is automatically closed (optional)
  • Stop Loss: Downside percentage when the trade is automatically closed (optional)

Step 4 — Click ‘Add’

Once you are all set, click the ‘Add’ button to activate your bot. That’s it — your bot is ready.

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