Trade Execution

We have implemented a communication mechanism that notifies you whenever a trade is executed in our ongoing efforts to keep you updated about your trading activities.

When a trade is executed successfully, the bot promptly sends an email to the designated user’s email address. This email contains a success message and detailed information about the executed order. Details provided include the trading pair, order type (buy/sell), quantity of the trade, order price, and specified stop loss and take profit levels.

When a trade fails to execute, the bot will also email you the failure. The failure notification email includes a detailed message about the failure, aiming to provide insights into what went wrong. This could be due to several factors, such as insufficient balance, market fluctuations, or network issues.

This approach ensures that you are always informed about the success or failure of your trades, enabling you to take prompt action if needed and to maintain control over your trading strategy.

Please ensure your email address is correctly entered and your email settings allow these notifications to be received. It is crucial to regularly check your email for these notifications, as they provide important real-time updates on your trading activities.

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