Supported Timeframes

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At CryptoKnowledge.info, we understand that every trader has a unique approach to cryptocurrency trading, which extends to the timeframe they find most useful for making their trading decisions. To cater to these varying needs, we offer four distinct timeframes for analysis: 1 day (1D), 1 hour (1H), 15 minutes (15M), and 5 minutes (5M).

Supported Timeframes #

Each timeframe serves a different purpose and suits different trading styles. Understanding them can help you select the one that fits your strategy best.

1D (1 Day): This is the longest timeframe we offer. It is perfect for those interested in a more macro view of the market and useful for long-term investment strategies, trend identification, and swing trading. A day trader might also use this longer timeframe to gain context for shorter-term movements.

1H (1 Hour): The hourly timeframe is a step down in terms of duration, making it suitable for medium-term trading strategies. It balances the long-term overview provided by the daily chart and the detailed view of shorter timeframes, making it ideal for day traders or swing traders.

15M (15 Minutes): As we move to even shorter timeframes, the focus shifts more to day trading. The 15-minute chart is popular for intraday traders looking for shorter-term opportunities. It offers more detail than the 1-hour chart but still smoothes out some of the ‘noise’ seen on the 5-minute chart.

5M (5 Minutes): This is the shortest timeframe we offer, best suited to very active traders, such as scalpers, who aim to profit from quick, short-term trades. The 5-minute chart provides detailed, up-to-the-minute data, but it’s important to remember that these shorter timeframes can contain a lot of market ‘noise’.

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